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Is Your Smile Your USP?

Customer service, service with a smile – terms we’re all familiar with but what do they really mean when put into practice? Let’s think about a situation that is commonplace around the world these days, the ‘boutique’ coffee shop. Quite a phenomenon considering twenty years ago or so they didn’t exist and now they […]

Five Steps to Coaching Failure

Helping individuals or groups to change their outlook or behaviour which leads to demonstrable differences in their performance both at work and at home is what coaching is all about. Whether it’s Executive or Life coaching the end product usually covers more aspects of an individual’s existence than was originally anticipated. Having said this […]

Leading Change

Leaders who introduce Change Programs into their businesses will do so for any number of reasons but they will all have one outcome in mind – improving the current situation. Having decided that a change needs to happen some form of program needs to be put in place to deliver it.

The Change […]

Peer Reviews For Programmes and Projects

It doesn’t matter how dedicated your team of programme and project managers are every now and again they can benefit from a fresh set of eyes taking a look at what’s going on. A team that is ‘heads down’ in delivery mode can sometimes suffer from groupthink and perhaps become blinkered into thinking their approach […]

What Young Leaders Need

When young people take on a leadership role for the first time there is much to learn, but they have to perform by delivering success in order to keep their job. For an organization of any size to put their faith in a young person and ask them to start leading a group shows trust. With […]