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Do You Know Who Your Competitors Are? Are You Sure?

When most businesses consider their competition, they tend to think of the obvious – their direct competitors. If I run a salon, the salon across the street (assuming it targets the same clients) is my direct competition. But direct competitors aren’t the only competitors we need to be concerned with. We need to also […]

Marketing: Art or Science

I have always been fascinated with the debate that Marketing is an Art or a Science. Now Campbell’s Soup is introducing Neuroscience into the discussion.


Neuromarketing is a relatively new approach for companies to delve into customer responses to marketing and advertising. Researchers are divining what small changes in biometrics like skin […]

Creating and Delivering Effective Presentations

Whether you have to deliver presentations only on occasion or on a regular basis, it’s important to effectively prepare up front for the presentation to ensure you meet your goals. Remember that presentations are vital to business. They inform and educate your audience and enable the audience to get to know you and your […]

Assess What Needs Assessing

Assessment centers are used in many large organizations for recruitment and promotion but do they really assess what needs to be accomplished by individuals once they pass? It’s often quoted that assessment centers are the best indicators of future performance and this may well be true but only if what is assessed is truly […]

More on Corporate Social Responsibility – Part II

I wrote an article for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which took further the address at the Humane Capitalism Conclave and the SHRM event which I’ve already posted earlier. This one explains a bit more about my viewpoint on CSR.