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Ensuring an Effective (and Search Engine Friendly) Web Site

As I was reading a recent article in Business on Main, The 7 Deadly Sins of SEO, I thought to myself, “Yes, done that!” Ensuring your website meets your needs and is optimized for the search engines (and therefore search engine friendly) does not happen by magic. It takes a concerted effort on your part […]

Online Media Kits for Small Business

A recent article on Business on Main entitled, How to Create an Online Company Media Kit, focused on the use of online company information available to customers and media personnel over the use of print brochures and media kits.

What I found of most value in this article is it enforces the use of company’s […]

Identifying Your USP–Unique Selling Proposition

Rosser Reeves, an advertising guru from the 1940’s, the phrase “unique selling proposition” (or USP), a concept that is still relevant today. A USP is exactly what it sounds like it is–a unique selling proposition–something about you, or your product or service that is different from competing products and services in important ways that represent […]

Simple SEO - Watch Your Language! - Part II

In my last blog I talked about what I’ve observed as a disconnect between how businesses often talk about their own products and services and how their prospects and customers talk about them. This disconnect can become a big, negative driver when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization) and driving people to their web […]

Simple SEO - Watch Your Language! - Part I

I was doing some online research related to a potential new client recently and was struck by the disconnect between the prospect’s stated objectives and audience, and how they appeared in search results based on the terminology that their potential clients are likely to use when searching for what they have to offer. Then I […]