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Managing Emotions in a Difficult Situation

Best Practice Tips

Often during a difficult situation, emotions may run high. When his happens, communications are poor and relationships may be damaged.

When you find emotions are running high during a difficult situation – such as in a conversation with a colleague when you are not in agreement – follow these best practices:

Remind […]

Are You Ready for Leadership? - Part 3

How Effective a Manager Are You?

Read Part 1 and Part 2 of this case study for background information.

Prior to the Meeting between Allan and the VP of Product Development

Prior to his meeting with Allan, the VP of Product Development asked Allan to come prepared to discuss the team he was leading and in particular, what was going well […]

Are You Ready for Leadership? - Part 2

You Don't Need to be a Leader to Lead!.jpg

Read Part 1 of this case study for background information.

The Team’s Next Steps

When we left off with the case study, the team felt they had to take action. The team members agreed that they would talk with Allan’s boss. They felt this project was too important to the company to allow it to […]

Are You Ready for Leadership? - Part 1

Leadership Challenges

A Mini Case Study

This mini case study follows Allan, a new manager of a global new product development team for a financial services firm. This global team was tasked with an 18 month innovation project. The team included 25 individuals from across the organization representing all geographic locations and all divisions. Allan took on […]

Get the Right Employees Involved in Decision Making

As a leader, we want to be sure that we are not the sole decision making for our group; but rather that we involved employees in the decision-making process. This enables for a number of benefits, including:

Input from the individuals who are likely closest to the problem Improved buy-in to the final decision since […]