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Get the Right Employees Involved in Decision Making

As a leader, we want to be sure that we are not the sole decision making for our group; but rather that we involved employees in the decision-making process. This enables for a number of benefits, including:

Input from the individuals who are likely closest to the problem Improved buy-in to the final decision since […]

My Colleague is Taking All the Credit: A Mini Case Study - Part 2

Read Part 1 of the mini case study.

Here are some ideas on what Elena might do – tactfully and diplomatically – to ensure she gets credit for the work on this project.

First, Elena should talk address Jacklyn immediately but rather calm down and wait until later in the day or the next day. […]

My Colleague is Taking All the Credit: A Mini Case Study - Part

Some background: Elena and Jacklyn have been working together on a fairly complex process improvement initiative for the last two months. At the same time that they have been working on this project, Jacklyn has been planning an upcoming surprise party for her husband’s 40th birthday party. Because of this, Jacklyn has not done as […]

Six Ways to Improve Your Creative Thinking Skills

Creative thinking skills enables us to break from the status quo and push for innovation. Creative thinking challenges assumptions which enables for organizational progress, enables for better solutions to complex problems, and for continuous improvement in the business. Creative thinking can be learned! Sometimes we just have to break away from our normal routine to […]

The First Use of the Model with the Team - Part 3

Read Part 1 and Part 2 of our case study.

The first opportunity to use the new decision making model arrived fairly shortly after the meeting to introduce the model. We allocated 2 hours for the meeting in order to accommodate a learning curve. We didn’t expect the decision to be made after the two […]