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Have a Business Problem?

Sounds like a change initiative!

When there is a business problem to be solved, launch a change initiative to solve it. For example, if a product is consistently shipped past the promised date, you need to dive into the “why.” Is the process flawed? Are employees lacking skills? Are silos in the organization creating the problem?

Regardless of the “why,” it is likely people need to change in some way. For example, if it is determined the process is flawed, a new process requires people to change how they work, and likely will require training in using the new process. And, a change to the process itself is necessary. Therefore, a change initiative is needed.

When faced with a problem, dive into exactly what is going on. Get to the root of the problem. If there are lots of issues, prioritize!

Then, determine how the organization, and its employees, must change to support and enable for the solution to be implemented.

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