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A New Senior Leader’s First Few Months on the Job

When a new senior leader joins an oganization, the first few months should be focused on the following:

Getting to know the organization Understanding the culture Getting to know the people

When a new leader takes the time necessary to understand the “in’s and out’s” of the oganization, she increases her chances of success in […]

A New Supervisor’s First Day on the Job

A new supervisor’s first day on the job can be a stressful one. It may be that the supervisor was recently promoted and is now managing the work of individuals with whom she was a peer. Or, it may be a newly hired supervisor in the organization starting on day one not knowing anyone in […]

Are You a Leader? A Manager? Or Both?

There are many articles, white papers and other information on how a manager is different than a leader. And many theories on whether someone can effectively be in both roles. Certainly there are many definitions of what a leader or manager is; but for the purposes of this brief article, let’s define leaders and managers […]