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Four Key Ways to Disengage Overly-Involved Project Sponsors

There are times when we need to disengage a project sponsor who is overly involved in the day-to-day work of the project team. We want them engaged in the project, certainly; but not so involved in the tasks associated with the project that the team feels they can’t get the work done. Much of time […]

Five Ways to Better Manage Your Stakeholders

Here are five simple ways to manage (and engage) your stakeholders in your project:

Utilize a stakeholder register to track each stakeholder and contact information as well as their needs, wants and expectations as it relates to the project. Take the time to meet each stakeholder – either in person or via a virtual format. […]

Are You Willing to Kill a Project?

Those organizations that rely on the expertise and good judgment of their project managers expect – or rather, demand – that information by floated up the ladder if a project is no longer going to achieve its objectives or is no longer the best project to do to meet strategic goals. If a project won’t […]

Acknowledge Members of the Project Team

While it is important for project managers to recognize the efforts of the project team as a whole, there are times when they should also acknowledge the efforts of individuals on the team.

When an individual team member stands out in some way – whether by pitching in to help another team member, managing a […]

A Mini Case Study: Leading a Project as a New Project Manager – Part II

Best Practices for a New Project Manager to Establish Themselves and Build Relationships Quickly

Read Part I for background information.

In his part, we’ll share some best practices to help Sydney ensure her first project starts off well.

As we learned, Sydney does have some base knowledge – she attended a week long onboarding program […]