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Disruptive Team Members

A mini case study

Sarah is in middle of facilitating a key decision making meeting with her team. There is a serious problem on the project that must be resolved. It took a while to get this meeting scheduled because the people who needed to be involved are working on a number of other initiatives.  [...]

A stakeholder’s desire to increase project scope

A mini case study

You are working on a project to implement an online benefits management portal to enable employees to have a “one stop” location to view their health and dental benefits, get answers to benefits-related questions, and enable for changes to be made to health benefit coverage. Requirements were gathered over a two [...]

Project Manager = Problem Solver

Project management = project solving. The best project managers I have met are problem solvers. Projects are, after all, problems to be solved. A new application to support a growing customer basis, the release of a new product to compete more effectively, opening a new office, or launching a new process within the organization to [...]

The Five Stages of Team Development and the Role of the Project Manager

The first four stages of the team development model was proposed and developed by Bruce Tuckman in 1965. In 1977, Tuckman teamed up with Mary Ann Jensen and added the 5th stage – adjourning.

Every team goes through the five stages of team development; there are no exceptions. Regardless of whether a team is [...]

Keeping Control of Your Projects - Part 2

Sponsors/Key Stakeholder Communications

See Part I for the first part of this article on team communications.

In this post we’ll approach communications from the perspective of sponsors and other key stakeholders.

Managing your sponsors and key stakeholders is essential to ensure your project meets their needs. We want to control our communications – meeting the [...]