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Managing Projects

Too many people making decisions!

In today’s article, we’ll explore another challenge on some projects – too many people making decisions, or – too many cooks in the kitchen!

On one project I led a number of years ago, there was a general feeling among the team that everyone had to be involved in making […]

Managing Projects

What if the team starts off pessimistic about the project?

Most team members are excited about working on a new project, even if a bit apprehensive. Generally they are excited about the possibilities and start off optimistic. It may certainly be “uninformed optimism” since they may not know enough about what the project entails just […]

Engaging Stakeholders - A Mini Case Study - Part 3

Feedback from the Marketing Group

Read Part 1 and Part 2 of the case study.

The project launched and was certainly successful from the perspective of coming in on time and within budget. Additionally, the marketing group was regularly engaged throughout the project. Both Sam and Jacklyn told Alex that they were happy with the […]

Engaging Stakeholders - A Mini Case Study - Part 2

Talking with the Marketing Group and Developing the Communication Plan

Read Part 1 of the case study.

The day of the meeting with the marketing group arrived. Sam introduced Alex to the group and told them that Alex was leading the project to update the marketing portal. Sam also noted that Alex was interested in […]

Engaging Stakeholders - A Mini Case Study - Part I

Alex was about to undertake a project in the organization that impacted the marketing department. It was not a large initiative at all and was only expected to last 2 – 3 months in duration. The initiative was to update an internal portal used by marketing for managing campaigns.

During a PMO meeting, one of […]