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How Effectively are You Managing Your Stakeholders?

Some best practices to manage stakeholders and get what you need to implement your projects.

Managing the expectations of stakeholders is a key responsibility for all project managers. The better that a project manager understands her stakeholders – their goals and objectives for the project, their expectations, how they want to be involved, etc. – [...]

Do You Know Who Has Influence on Your Projects?

I have seen too many project managers who don’t understand their stakeholders – and, specifically, the influence stakeholders may have on the project. One project manager, who works for a pharmaceutical company, is working on a major project that crosses a number of divisions within the organization. I have been working with him from the [...]

Disruptive Team Members

A mini case study

Sarah is in middle of facilitating a key decision making meeting with her team. There is a serious problem on the project that must be resolved. It took a while to get this meeting scheduled because the people who needed to be involved are working on a number of other initiatives.  [...]

A stakeholder’s desire to increase project scope

A mini case study

You are working on a project to implement an online benefits management portal to enable employees to have a “one stop” location to view their health and dental benefits, get answers to benefits-related questions, and enable for changes to be made to health benefit coverage. Requirements were gathered over a two [...]

Project Manager = Problem Solver

Project management = project solving. The best project managers I have met are problem solvers. Projects are, after all, problems to be solved. A new application to support a growing customer basis, the release of a new product to compete more effectively, opening a new office, or launching a new process within the organization to [...]