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A Mini Case Study: Managing Your Stakeholders - Part 2

Please read Part 1.

How could Sarah manage this stakeholder?

Sarah needs to have a one-on-one conversation with this stakeholder. She should, first, acknowledge that the idea is a great one! However, she needs to be clear about the potential risks of trying to add in this feature now, including:

The cost of trying to […]

A Mini Case Study: Managing Your Stakeholders - Part 1

Sarah is leading a project to implement an online benefits management portal to enable employees to have a “one stop” location to view their health and dental benefits, get answers to benefits-related questions, and enable for changes to be made to health benefit coverage.

The requirements were gathered over a two week time period at […]

Working Across Cultural Boundaries – A Case Study Part II

The First Team Meeting

Read Part I for background information

After the agenda went out for the team meeting, we asked team members to begin to make travel arrangements to ensure arrival prior to the dinner (during the cocktail hour.) We realized some members would be flying in rather early so we ensured the hotel […]

Working Across Cultural Boundaries - A Case Study

Getting Everyone to Work Together – One Project Manager’s Challenge

Michael was managing his first virtual project team. There were 12 people on the core project team. Team members came from a number of different countries and all had experience working on project teams, but this was the first time each of the team members […]

How Effectively are You Managing Your Stakeholders?

Some best practices to manage stakeholders and get what you need to implement your projects.

Managing the expectations of stakeholders is a key responsibility for all project managers. The better that a project manager understands her stakeholders – their goals and objectives for the project, their expectations, how they want to be involved, etc. – […]