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How to Optimize Team Communications – Part I

“The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.”- Peter Drucker

Face-to-face communication is usually the most complete form of communication. When communicating face-to-face, you can read facial expressions and other body language. Video conferencing has improved substantially, and now also enables participants to see one another, though you usually cannot […]

Easily Manage the Team Members Who Distract from the Team

Undoubtedly you have team members who distract from the team’s efforts. Here are three that show up at meetings: those who know-it-all on the team, those who find fault with everything, and those who distract others on the team by doing everything other than paying attention in the meeting. Here are some ways to manage […]

How to Help Unify Your Team, And Align Yourself with Your Team’s Purpose

The mission to eliminate Osama Bin Laden had a clearly focused end point, but did not have a target goal date until the spring of 2011. A team with unity of purpose has everyone aligned—like a pack of wolves pursuing their prey. They are focused. Whether your team is a business project team or a […]

How to Promote Perseverance in Yourself and Your Team

“You Can Get It If You Really Want.” Jimmy Cliff

Abraham Lincoln is perhaps the best model of perseverance ever known. He started two businesses that failed. His fiancée died; during the next year he suffered a nervous breakdown. He ran unsuccessfully for the state legislature; he was defeated in two runs for […]

Is Your Team in Trouble?

Be on the lookout for these signs…

Every team has trouble at some point. When someone tells me their team is always running smoothly with never an issue to be addressed, I immediately ask them how connected they are to their team. At some point your team is going to have an issue that needs […]