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Easily Manage the Team Members Who Distract from the Team

Undoubtedly you have team members who distract from the team’s efforts. Here are three that show up at meetings: those who know-it-all on the team, those who find fault with everything, and those who distract others on the team by doing everything other than paying attention in the meeting. Here are some ways to manage […]

3 Ways to Manage a Problem Team Member

We have all either managed a team or been involved with a team where there was one person that was just a thorn in your side; that one person who did not play well with others and frankly caused significant frustration and stress amongst the rest of the team members.

Too often we let it […]

Helping a Problem Team Member - Part II

He’s starting to care about others!

In Part I of this post we began a story of a new member of a project team, Jack, who had exceptionally strong technical skills but was not good with people. Read Part I for background before continuing with this part of the story.

When we left off with […]

Helping a Problem Team Member

Who isn’t well liked by the others and doesn’t seem to care…

Here’s a story to consider. I was approached by an individual we’ll call Susan for suggestions on how to manage an employee who frequently had to work on project teams and who was not getting along with others and, based on past experiences […]