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Common Challenges in Virtual Team Leadership

Three Mini Case Studies

Read the mini case studies and learn some ways to best handle the situation.

Mini Case Study 1: You are leading a team meeting. You and several other members are in one main location and two other people are calling in from separate remote locations. The current topic of discussion is […]

How to Optimize Team Communications – Part II

Please read Part I of this post for background information.

Within any company the various organizational functions, such as Information Technology (IT) and Finance and Administration use their own specialized terminology. If you are working on a task force or project in which the team has members from several different companies, or if you have […]

How to Optimize Team Communications – Part I

“The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.”- Peter Drucker

Face-to-face communication is usually the most complete form of communication. When communicating face-to-face, you can read facial expressions and other body language. Video conferencing has improved substantially, and now also enables participants to see one another, though you usually cannot […]