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5 Simple Best Practices to Get Started on Social Media

A few recent conversations with other small business owners raised questions on how to get started on using social media for branding the business and the business owner. First, let me note that personally I have found social media a great way to brand myself and my consulting business. It has enabled me to reach […]

Top 5 mistakes made when hiring a Social Media “expert”

When looking for hire a freelance contractor, or firm to handle your Social Media efforts such as Twitter, Facebook, or Blog avoid these 5 common mistakes.

1) They don’t know your industry.

Hire someone who has a similar industry background, ask them industry related questions and test their knowledge. Having someone who does not understand […]

Online Media Kits for Small Business

A recent article on Business on Main entitled, How to Create an Online Company Media Kit, focused on the use of online company information available to customers and media personnel over the use of print brochures and media kits.

What I found of most value in this article is it enforces the use of company’s […]