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Take a step outside your comfort zone

Do you remember the first time you drove a car, or your first day at work? You might remember your very first kiss. Your first time to a new place, it might be exciting, not totally in control and everything might get your blood to rush a little faster. You were outside your own comfort […]

Where is Your Inspirational Space?

Do you find time to get inspiration? And do you know how to become inspired? Some of us depend on other people to inspire us, and at other times we need to find inspiration for ourselves. I wonder what you do to find inspiration? I want to share what works for me:

I need to […]

The difference between learning and understanding

Learning is a fairly linear phenomenon. You examine a decision, look at the outcome, and determine the causal chain. It is incredibly useful, as well as simple and straightforward. This is, usually, the manner in which we educate others and ourselves. Do this and get that.On the Job training on the latest process or policy […]

Stacking firewood, and learning about learning

It’s late September, and that means it’s time to order up some firewood and begin stacking it for when the cold weather hits. This weekend, I had my wood delivered, and my father happened to be in town as well. He pitched in and helped me stack up my wood into a corral I had […]