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Take a step outside your comfort zone

Do you remember the first time you drove a car, or your first day at work? You might remember your very first kiss. Your first time to a new place, it might be exciting, not totally in control and everything might get your blood to rush a little faster. You were outside your own comfort zone.

All these at first fearful stuff happened to become routine as soon as you took the first and the next step outside your own comfort zone. Have you ever decided not to sign up for a dance class or going to the gym because you might feel out of place? It’s nice to know that none ever started out being an expert at what they do.

Take the first step

It might be necessary to take a good step outside your comfort zone to be able to grow and evolve. What is your dream? What is holding you back? What would be the first step to take? If you woke up one day, realizing that you where one step closer to your dream, what would that day be like?

I made a huge step outside my own comfort zone less than a week ago. I made my debut as a public speaker. I talked about motivation in front of about 150 call center leaders. I have never talked in public before and it was awkward and I fumbled with my own introduction. But as I god started I entered a flow state. And I enjoyed every second of it, and I hope to be able to do this again. My first step was to acknowledge that I can do this. – You can also, just take the first step.

“I do not want to apply to that job, I won’t get it anyway”

“No, I will not ask for that”

“Why bother, it won’t do any good anyway”

“I do not dare to ask her”

“There is no use to try, competition is to hard”

Sound familiar? Well, you will not make anything happen if you do not try. Master Yoda from the Star Wars universe once said; “Do or do not… there is no try” – there is a lot of spilled talent in the world of no tries. Ambition without actions is just a dream. I asked if I could contribute as a public speaker. Nobody came to my door, knocked it down and begged me… (they might in the future…) but the first step is always yours to make. What is your first step?

I once spoke with a woman that was applying for jobs, and she talked to me about an open position, her dream job. “I will never get it” she said. I told her to give it her best. The worst thing that will happen is “no”. I said that the only sure thing is that she will not get it without trying. She applied, and she got it. – To me it seems that the fear of failure is blocking the ability to try.


At least give it a try…

Motivational Gardener