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Six Ways to Improve Your Creative Thinking Skills

Creative thinking skills enables us to break from the status quo and push for innovation. Creative thinking challenges assumptions which enables for organizational progress, enables for better solutions to complex problems, and for continuous improvement in the business. Creative thinking can be learned! Sometimes we just have to break away from our normal routine to […]

Brainstorming Sessions: Everyone can be Creative!

I was facilitating a brainstorming session with a client a few months ago. There were a number of people in the room – 15 in total. While they were all excited about the session, 5 of the participants noted they just weren’t very creative and were unsure how much they would contribute.

This is common! […]

Enable for Innovation to Grow Your Organization

If you want your organization to continue to grow and prosper – new products and services, increased revenue and profitabilty, increased customer base and happier current customers – you must enable for innovation throughout the organization.

Do this by encouraging your employees – throughout the organization, regardless of their job title or role – […]

Where is Your Inspirational Space?

Do you find time to get inspiration? And do you know how to become inspired? Some of us depend on other people to inspire us, and at other times we need to find inspiration for ourselves. I wonder what you do to find inspiration? I want to share what works for me:

I need to […]

Let the Personality Show!

I’ve encountered a few offices where personality literally hung from the walls. In these spaces, people were free to decorate the walls with almost anything that came to mind. While the atmosphere was bizarre at first, after a while, you began to get the sense that people weren’t just free to decorate – they were […]