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5 Simple Ways to Increase Trust with Your Employees

One of the issues that comes up when I conduct employee engagement surveys among some clients is a lack of trust with senior leadership. Employees often feel as if they do not know everything that is going on and that leadership keeps information quiet and shares little. In some cases this has been quite accurate; […]

3 Easy Ways to be a Great Leader

If you want to be seen as a great leader – a leader that people want to follow – start by doing the following:

Share your vision. You need a vision for the organization, and you must communicate that vision to your employees. Employees can only get behind a leader that has a vision and […]

Delegating Leadership

One of the best things organizational leaders can do to help groom others for leadership roles is to share leadership responsibilities. This certainly does not mean to suggest that all strategic decisions should be passed on to others nor that the leader no longer has accountability; rather, enable people the autonomy to perform their […]

Best Practices for Leading Others in a Virtual World

There are many challenges for leaders today. Trying to manage individuals who are located all over the world or who just work from their home office and rarely show up in the office is certainly not easy and takes great skill. As a leader you must have trust and confidence that those who report to […]

Setting the tone: 10 tips for leadership

We’ve all been put into situations where we need to take control of a situation early on. Otherwise, we’ll find ourselves constantly looking up at a perch of credibility and respect we’ll have to work hard to climb up to, if we can even get there at all. With that in mind, I came across […]