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Changing Mindsets

Helping Employees Look at Change Differently

Change MindsetsMindset is defined as a set of assumptions held by a group of individuals that is so established that it creates a powerful incentive for the group to continue to adopt or accept prior behaviors or choices. (Adapted from

When employees have a fixed mindset they prefer the status quo. Change is a negative for such individuals. Change means the mindset has to change – behaviors and ways to working must change. Individuals with a growth mindset, however, adapt more easily to change. They see change as an opportunity to learn and grow. Individuals with a growth mindset look at change from a positive perspective.

Mindsets are important as they relate to launching and implementing change initiatives. If the organization has many employees with set mindsets, it is difficult to implement change without changing those mindsets. There will be significantly more resisters than champions of the change initiative.

Leaders can help employees move from a fixed mindset to a growth-focused mindset through the following:

  • Leading by example – embracing change and sharing the vision
  • Ensuring that employees are regularly challenged in their roles – which enables them to continuously grow and not remain in the “status quo”
  • Regularly launching continuous improvement initiatives – which makes for regular, but not chaotic, change in the organization

These are just a few ways that leaders can change mindsets and enable for greater support of change within the organization.