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Do You Really Understand Your Organization’s Culture?

Culture change is frequently identified as the intervention needed to improve the performance of an organization. The word "culture," however, is used gingerly and there remains much debate and controversy regarding the best way to fully understand the culture of an organization.

Ed Schein presents a simple yet illuminating perspective on organizational culture. According […]

Want to be a Better Manager? Get Out of the Way!

I’ve talked with hundreds of employees from all levels and types of organizations—big, small, non-profits and multi-billion dollar firms, and there is one issue that consistently comes through—no one likes being micromanaged. And this is true for front line workers as well as senior executives. Yet, despite this distaste for having a boss constantly looking […]

When a Strength is No Longer a Strength

I am currently reading the book The Perils of Accentuating the Positive, edited by Robert Kaiser. Now, talking about being "too positive" is not particularly endearing. How does one argue for negativity? And it is clear that Positive Psychology and the Strengths-based Movement have made significant contributions to the management field, especially in clarifying the […]