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Spend money where it counts

If you’re like me, you hate spending money on things that don’t effect the customers. like Banking fees, or Payroll processing. I understand the importance of such purchases. But in my books they are necessary evils. I spend as much of my budget as possible on things that count. For example I recently came across […]

Start Making Sales on Twitter!

We all understand the importance of Twitter, and yet few people actually achieve measurable results. I’ve had countless conversations with Entrepreneurs spending 1-3 hours per day on Twitter who achieve very little results. I on the other hand spend the same amount of time and generate substantial business.

These Entrepreneurs are driven, passionate, and successful. […]

Money is Available for Small Business Investment

I was recently invited to an event put on by Owen Clark of Byzhub. The speaker, Basil Peters is an experienced Angel Investor who discussed opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking investors. For more than 5 years news outlets are predicting D-Day, the lack of financial support for Small Business owners, which would cripple the economic growth. […]

Top 5 mistakes made when hiring a Social Media “expert”

When looking for hire a freelance contractor, or firm to handle your Social Media efforts such as Twitter, Facebook, or Blog avoid these 5 common mistakes.

1) They don’t know your industry.

Hire someone who has a similar industry background, ask them industry related questions and test their knowledge. Having someone who does not understand […]

4 Small Business Tools from Google

Google clearly “gets” that Small Businesses Owners are constantly looking for online tools that help. Although Google has hundreds of business focused applications we would like to highlight our favourite. They’re essential for Entrepreneurs and their completely free services.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics has become the industry standard for advanced website monitoring. This free […]