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Explore the Debate: How to align your IT team - by Process or by Technology?

In my 15 years of experience, I have seen organizations align their IT teams either by process and or echnology. In pursuit of formulating perfect teams, an issue as straight forward and simple as this can get extremely complicated.

Aligning by business process could mean formulating teams by:

Sales and marketing process Delivery and […]

How Changes in Perception Impact Your Brand

Factors like crisis, the environment, or changing perceptions can dramatically impact a brand.

Let’s take a look at what happened to some brands that faced changed perceptions.


Kentucky Fried Chicken was a highly successful franchise selling fried chicken. The company did not have a crisis like BP or AIG. […]

Too Many Business Books to Read…

And not enough time….

I have rows and rows and rows of business books on my bookshelves! Some I have read…some I still have to get to! I know there is some good stuff in these books however and want to be able to read them all – cover to cover – […]

Do You Really Understand Your Organization’s Culture?

Culture change is frequently identified as the intervention needed to improve the performance of an organization. The word "culture," however, is used gingerly and there remains much debate and controversy regarding the best way to fully understand the culture of an organization.

Ed Schein presents a simple yet illuminating perspective on organizational culture. According […]

Generations in the Workplace

How to Get Along

For years, the baby boomers represented the focus of much of society – from television programming, to advertisers’ focus to social media commentary from journalists and academics. But, today there is a new generation that is rapidly gaining attention and focus from these groups. Generation Y – born between 1977 […]