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The Value of Change Management Centers of Excellence

The Value of Change Management Centers of ExcellenceOrganizations that have significant change ahead may find value in setting up a Change Management Center of Excellence (CoE). We have set these up for a number of our clients who have strategic change initiatives planned. They have enabled for increased success of the initiatives as well as enabled for better engagement of employees.

The Change Management CoE is comprised of the team that will provide leadership, best practices, support, training and management of all strategic change initiatives launched within the organization. As a best practice, the CoE should be comprised of team members from throughout the organization – representing every function level and all departments and workgroups.

The Change Management CoE will add value to the organization during strategic change initiatives in any number of ways, including:

  • Providing a team of subject matters experts from throughout the organization
  • Determining change initiatives to be launched (tied to strategic objectives)
  • Evaluate and plan for risk to the business
  • Solve problems that arise
  • Developing a plan to manage all change initiatives
  • Providing a central point for all communications regarding the change initiative
  • Ensuring development of best practices, processes and procedures related to the change initiative
  • Work toward culture change
  • Provide training for all those impacted by the change initiative
  • Provide coaching as necessary

This is just a partial list of the value that Change Management CoEs can provide. Change Management CoEs enable for more effective management of change initiatives overall. Consider utilizing a Change Management Center of Excellence the next time you are ready to launch a large strategic change initiative in your organization.

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