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A Manager’s Dilemma – Part II

Being creative in supporting employees’ professional development

In Part I we discussed Anna’s dilemma. She needed to find creative ways to help her employees develop their skills and continue to grow personally and professionally.

Here are some ideas for Anna that will help her to develop her employees’ skills and keep them engaged in the […]

A Manager’s Dilemma – Part I

How can I support my employees’ professional development?

Consider this story:

Anna has been managing her customer service department for over 5 years. The group consists of 10 customer service reps, half of whom are new to the role (less than one year at the company) and the other half have been there for 5+ […]

Six Key Steps to Develop a Successful Supervisory Training Program

Supervisory training programs are essential for the success of newly hired or newly promoted supervisors to the organization. Many supervisors are moving from individual contributor to roles where they will not manage others. They need training to be successful in their new roles.

Consider these six key steps to develop a successful supervisory training program […]