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Getting Over Your Fear of Performance Management Conversations

Managers work hard to avoid performance management conversations. In fact, for one of my clients, I’m pretty certain they work overtime trying to avoid having these conversations! They dread them that much.

Performance management conversations are necessary and these are frequently conversations employees want their managers to have with them. For the client mentioned above, […]

Avoiding Difficult Performance Discussions is Not Nice

One of the excuses we commonly hear as a reason for not actively engaging in dialogue with employees regarding their performance is "We’re really nice at XYZ organization" or "We’re non-confrontational." Translation, "We have people who are underperforming, but we’d rather not have those conversations." Or, "It’s just easier to let the underperformance continue as […]

Stop Sweeping Performance Issues Under the Rug

Most motivated employees can manage and improve an area of weakness, but only if they are made aware of the issue and are coached.

Case in Point

Steve has been with a technology company for more than eight years going back to when they were a start-up. He is a talented, post-sale […]