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Are You Aware of Your Own Biases?

We are all biased in some way; it is human nature! What is key is recognizing your biases and correcting them before they damage your relationships with others and your ability to be effective in your role.

Consider if you are conscious of some common biases experienced by many:

Stereotyping. Stereotyping is unverified and oversimplified […]

Resolving Conflicts with a Coworker – Part III

Read Part I and Part II of our story for background information.

They scheduled another meeting with the team and this time showed that they were in agreement. They collaboratively presented how the project would be managed and reviewed roles and responsibilities with the team.

They are now four months into the project. Their plan […]

Resolving Conflicts with a Coworker – Part II

Read Part I for background information on the story.

Samantha and Eric are meeting. Samantha decided that she would not focus too much on the initial team meeting as she didn’t want Eric to get defensive. She felt that by focusing on the past meeting may not add much value and rather she would focus […]

Resolving Conflicts with a Coworker – Part I

I was talking with a friend the other day (let’s call her Samantha) who was having conflict with a coworker who was recently hired into the organization (let’s call him Eric). Samantha has been in the organization for 3 years and is a project manager. Eric was hired 3 months ago and is also a […]