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Enabling Virtual Team Relationships – Part IV

The first team problem

Read Part I, Part II and Part III of our story for background information.

The team has been moving along well and, as Alice predicted, during the first team meeting, they really did seem to come together as a team.

However, Alice began to notice an issue. Similar to what happened […]

A Negative Attitude on the Project Team – Part II

A Mini Case Study: What the Project Manager Did

Read Part I of this case study to get background information and learn how others might have handled this situation.

But first….before we start with the wrap up of the case study – many thanks to all those readers who responded with their ideas on how […]

A Negative Attitude on the Project Team

A Mini Case Study


The project is a highly visible project that will impact multiple departments within the organization. It has been in progress for about 2 months and going along fairly well as far as staying on schedule and within budget. The stakeholders seem pleased with progress so far. However, you have been […]

3 Ways to Manage a Problem Team Member

We have all either managed a team or been involved with a team where there was one person that was just a thorn in your side; that one person who did not play well with others and frankly caused significant frustration and stress amongst the rest of the team members.

Too often we let it […]