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How will you enable your employees to adopt change?

You need a plan!

In the ideal world, 100% of our employees will adopt a change immediately. That rarely happens, of course. And, of course, we rarely get 100% of employees even after a while. To get as close as possible to 100% adoption of change, you must have a plan!

Consider first, how much […]

Barriers to Implementing Change in the Workplace

There are any number of barriers that hinder the ability of an individual to implement a required change in the workplace. By understanding what those barriers are, leaders can get employees engaged in change and enable them to more effectively implement a change that they must work with.

Barriers that hinder an individual’s ability to […]

Getting Employees Past Obstacles to Change

Obstacles to change exist at both the organizational and individual level. In this article, we’ll focus on individual obstacles to change and how to help employees get past those obstacles.

Obstacles to change from the individual perspective include:

Fear of the impact of change on the individual and his role and responsibilities Fear of losing […]