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Prepare for Change Initiatives Early

Preferably before the project kicks off!

Change initiatives require significant preparation before actually moving forward with starting the initiative. During this preparation time, the following should be done within the organization:

Assess the readiness of employees for the change. Develop a change management plan for how change will be managed and employees engaged throughout the […]

The Value of Having a Change Expert on Your Next Technology Project

Technology projects can be difficult to implement within an organization. They require significant change management work as well as regular and consistent communications to stakeholders to keep them engaged. Unfortunately, technology projects are staff minimally (as are many other projects frankly) and with individuals with technical expertise but limited expertise, if any at all, expertise […]

Focus Your Change Conversations

Good for the Organization vs Good for the Individual

There are two ways to focus change conversations – focusing on the logic of changing and focus on the emotional side of change. When we focus on the logic of change, we talk about change from the perspective of the organization. We may show spreadsheets or […]