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The Value of Having a Change Expert on Your Next Technology Project

ChangeManagementTechnology projects can be difficult to implement within an organization. They require significant change management work as well as regular and consistent communications to stakeholders to keep them engaged. Unfortunately, technology projects are staff minimally (as are many other projects frankly) and with individuals with technical expertise but limited expertise, if any at all, expertise in communicating and change management.

Ensuring change management as well as regular and constant communication to stakeholders is essential for success of technology projects. The goal is to get buy-in on the technology project – whether it is an upgrade to a current system or complete replacement of the system with a new technology.

A change expert on the technology project team should be involved early on – before the work of the project begins – to engage individuals throughout the organization in the project. By taking time to understand challenges that individuals face in getting their work done and meeting goals, the change expert can help link the technology project to how it can personally assist the individual. Thereby securing their engagement in the project. Often technology projects are presented as being easier for the technical group to manage or best for the organization; but for true success of technology projects – they must also be linked to how they can provide benefit to individuals within the organization.

Change experts should continue to be involved throughout the project implementation. They should be tasked with helping to communicate on the project, keep stakeholders engaged and checking in after implementation to ensure that stakeholders are well trained and feeling comfortable using the new technology.

By having a change expert on the technology project team, those with technical expertise can focus on what they do best. The change expert can focus on the people impacted by the technology.

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