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Leveraging Human Networks to Accelerate Learning

Published by colleague Maya Townsend in Chief Learning Officer Magazine April 2009

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To make the most of their learning initiatives, CLOs must understand the power of informal workplace networks and know how to leverage them to drive organizational change.

The executive team of a small, community-based West Coast […]

Article: 20 Things That Every Project Manager Should Know… and Do

Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re a project manager or interested in becoming one. So, just for you, here is a quick, handy, up-to-date list of “must-haves” for all project managers-aspiring, novices and experienced alike. Pin it to your cork board, hang it on the fridge and send it to your colleagues – either […]

Using ROI to Measure the Results of Business Process Improvement Initiatives

Given today’s economy and the need to do more with reduced resources, budgets, etc., organizations are looking to improve efficiencies across departments and business units. This means reviewing the current processes and improving them, or putting processes in place where nothing formal currently exists. Process improvement initiatives are becoming a focal point for organizations – […]

Using Return on Investment to Evaluate Project Management Training

Executives today are demanding to see the monetary value that project management training programs bring to the organization. This means they need to see a dollar value placed on the benefits of the training, not just that participants believe the training to be valuable to them or they enjoyed the training overall. […]