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Get Input into Business Process Improvement Projects

And Get Your Employees Engaged in the Initiative!

Reaching out to employees to get input into business process improvement projects enables for a number of benefits for both the organization and the employees. Consider that business process improvement projects are not easy to implement! Even what appears to be a simple initiative – involving only […]

10 Tips for Project Managers Managing Business Process Improvement Initiatives

Managing business process improvement initiatives is not always easy for a project manager. There are so many moving parts and it is difficult to get the right people on the team just when you need them. Additionally, the stress alone over managing a project that could affect the entire business if it goes wrong […]

Establishing Project Management Best Practices

In the last few months, in meetings with a variety of clients, I have seen an increased desire to establish best practices around project management. However, with each client – “best practices around project management” seems to mean something different. For some clients, discussion has focused around putting policies and procedures in place for accomplishing […]

Using ROI to Measure the Results of Business Process Improvement Initiatives

Given today’s economy and the need to do more with reduced resources, budgets, etc., organizations are looking to improve efficiencies across departments and business units. This means reviewing the current processes and improving them, or putting processes in place where nothing formal currently exists. Process improvement initiatives are becoming a focal point for organizations – […]