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One Client’s Story: A Case Study – Part I

Challenges Ahead


James just started in his new role as head of learning and development at a large multinational firm. He had learned quite a bit about the company during the interviews and through research. Additionally, and even more valuable frankly, was his conversation with Amanda, who was the last person in the role.

Amanda left the role for another opportunity that was too good to pass up. But she confided in James that there were many challenges that he would face in his new role.


Amanda noted a number of challenges that she encountered in the role. She hoped he could get past them; she was never able to do so. Her challenges included:

  • Difficulty in engaging senior leadership in supporting professional development programs
  • Inability to secure sufficient funding to support training and professional development
  • Lack of interest by employees to attend training
  • Lack of impact from training programs (they like it, but don’t apply it)

Amanda told James that she simply felt learning and development was not important at all to senior leadership. They know they had to provide training, so it seemed a matter of “checking the box.”

How ACG Got Involved

ACG had worked with James previously when he was at another organization. Specifically, to develop strategic programs for new hires, new supervisors, mid-level manager and high potentials, as well as mentoring programs. These were all tied to competencies that ACG worked closely with James and his organization to develop and roll out. It sounds like James’ last organization supported learning & development, doesn’t it? They did…but not at first! Collaboratively ACG and James worked together to change the perception of the role of learning and development within the organization.

Therefore, while James was glad to have the “heads up,” he wasn’t worried about the challenges ahead of him in the new organization – he had been there before! Nor was ACG worried when he told us about the challenges noted by Amanda when he asked for our assistance. We knew the path we would have to take!

Stay tuned for Part 2 – Our plans to socialize the value of learning and development.

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