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Getting a New Employee Engaged – Part I

A mini case study

Getting a New Employee Engaged Part IWhen a new employee joins the organization, it is important to get them engaged as soon as possible. This enables them to be productive and be able to contribute sooner to the organizational goals. It also increases their comfort and confidence.

Consider this story:

Allison has recently joined Robert’s department, which has a staff of 10 employees. She has gone through a brief onboarding process with HR, which mainly consisted of learning about insurance options, the company 401K, vacation and sick time allocation, holidays and general processes and procedures.

Robert introduced Allison to her co-workers and took them all out to lunch on her first day.

However, Robert really wants to do more to get Allison engaged in the department and the organization. His last two hires had mentioned to him that they really didn’t feel part of the group until after nearly 9 months in the department and really didn’t feel like they were contributing sufficiently. He wanted to use this feedback to help Allison acclimate better into the department.

QUESTION: What should Robert do to get Allison engaged sooner into the department and organization as a whole?

Part II of this post will share some ideas of Robert did to help Allison so she could be more productive sooner.

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