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Lead Change from a Non-Leadership Role

Lead Change from a Non-Leadership RoleYou don’t have to be a formal leader in the organization to lead a change initiative. In fact, research shows that the majority of individuals within an organization support change initiatives more easily and more readily when that change is championed by influential non-leaders in the organization.

Often employees see the need for change before leadership does. After all they are the ones actually doing the work of the business day-after-day! Change does not have to be thrust at individuals within the organization, they can step up and take charge and lead change that impacts them and their daily work.

When you see an improvement that can be made in a process or a way to better collaborate between departments, make the pitch to your boss to lead an initiative to explore the initiative further. Explain why you think there will be value to the company in potentially making a change and how you would manage leading the effort and also fulfilling your current role. Consider outlining a high level plan on how you will lead the effort, including who needs to be involved, what support you’ll need, and a estimated detailed outline of the project.

Yes, it will be a lot of work, but consider how much you will learn and the impact you’ll have on the department, division and even the organization when you complete the initiative and the change is made. You’ll have visibility thoughout the organization as you’ll need to work with a range of other individuals, likely from other areas of the business, in order to accomplish your goals.

Go ahead – take on the responsibility of bringing forth change in the organization and take the lead to do so. It will have a positive impact on your own career and you’ll learn a variety of new skills and increase your knowledge of the business in the process.

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