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Tips for Preparing Your Meeting Agenda

Have a big meeting ahead of you with some key stakeholders involved? Want to be sure to keep the meeting on track and get decisions made? Follow these simple steps to create a meeting agenda to keep individuals focused and your meeting on track:

Determine the goals of the meeting: Work in conjunction with meeting […]

5 Steps to Succeed as a New Manager

New manager in the company? Just promoted to a management role? Your company doesn’t offer onboarding? No problem! In the first two weeks on the job, take these five steps in order to set yourself up for success in your new role:

Walk around the company and introduce yourself to other department or business unit […]

Moving the Frame

One of the best ways to find your way around a challenge is literally thinking around it. We often get fixed in place, wearing blinders and seeing only what’s right in front of us. If we could just change perspective, we would likely discover something new that we didn’t see before. In any challenging situation, […]

Accent the Positive

I recently attended an evening discussion with Martin Seligman, the author and psychology professor regarded as the founder and sage of positive psychology. His new book, Flourish, focuses on achieving a life of “well-being.”

Seligman suggests we move beyond the search for happiness as the path to “lasting fulfillment”—something he advocated in his earlier book, […]

Supervisor Readiness

I recently had lunch with a client to discuss how to best determine if newly hired or promoted supervisors/managers were ready to take on their role overseeing employees and how to ensure they get what they need to be successful. It reminded me of a conversation I had with another client only about a month […]