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Bring Out the Best in Your Employees – Part 3

A Client Story of Change

Read Part 1 and Part 2 of our story.

Senior leadership – the VPs and SVPs – were a bit more challenging. The CEO felt that some of these leaders really needed to move on as they had been with the organization for so long. Many of the issues were attributable to this group and their leadership styles. Luckily, however, those the CEO felt needed to move on wanted to move on – they were not quite happy with the direction in which the organization was heading.

ACG focused their efforts on those senior leaders who were able to see the vision for the change and who the potential and desire to make change happen. They were excited about the change and saw the possibilities for the organization and for themselves. These were the leaders supporting the work going on by their direct reports and the employees of other direct reports. Our focus here was to work with this group of senior leaders and the CEO to set strategy for the organization’s global growth over the next 5 – 10 years.

We also worked with this senior leadership group to focus on how to change the culture to one where decision making and problem solving is pushed down the organization and one where leadership was more distributed. This included a number of facilitated sessions with senior leaders as well as sharing of information/knowledge/intelligence from organizations that were doing it right.

We are still working with the organization but we are already seeing progress! We are setting smaller goals that can be achieved for a few “quick wins.” Certainly, the empowerment we see at the individual contributor level has been impactful. With support – they have done amazing work pushing forward with change.

It is a long road given our focus on changing the very fabric – the culture – of the organization. By having milestones in place, however, and showing some “quick wins,” we are able to keep everyone engaged and moving forward.

Ask how Abudi Consulting Group can help your organization achieve its goals through effective change leadership.

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