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Handling Criticism

Rather than trying to avoid criticism, expert performers welcome it. They seek out coaches and advisors who can give them constructive, sometimes even painful feedback. They then use this feedback as a guide for steady improvement.

Here are some steps you can take to handle criticism effectively:

Acknowledge Your Error – Acknowledging a mistake is […]

Is it in personal/professional/organizational interest for an employee to have friends in the workplace?

Long-term relationships are often formed at work. The evolution of quality relationships is very normal and an important part of a healthy workplace. In the best workplaces, employers recognize that people want to forge quality relationships with their coworkers, and that company allegiance can be built from such relationships. The development of trusting relationships is […]

Do Some People Perform or Function Better in Certain Places Than in Others?

Yes they do. The work place brings with it a lot of things that surround the individual and are experienced differently by the individual. Corporate credo, job content, your boss and his or her attitude, peers, subordinates, culture, a down-to-earth approach, accountability, proper appraisal, rewards over and above your pay if you excel, etc.


Good is Not Good Enough When Better is Expected

"Good is not good enough when better is expected." This is a quote of Vin Scully. He is an American sportscaster, known mainly as the play-by-play voice of the Brooklyn, and now, Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team on Prime Ticket, KCAL-TV and KABC radio. He was named both Broadcaster of the Century by the American […]

Business Case vs. Business Plan

A business case is a business-related concept that is both practical and profitable; while a business plan gives the details and elucidates the financial steps necessary to create or grow a successful business. Its purpose is to examine the business dynamics of a proposed project as part of the evaluation and selection process. It shows […]