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Do Some People Perform or Function Better in Certain Places Than in Others?

Yes they do. The work place brings with it a lot of things that surround the individual and are experienced differently by the individual. Corporate credo, job content, your boss and his or her attitude, peers, subordinates, culture, a down-to-earth approach, accountability, proper appraisal, rewards over and above your pay if you excel, etc.

I have seen in many cases where these things go far beyond what you would have expected when you joined. These make or mar your performance and growth up the corporate ladder. Productivity as a consequence will not be the same for every person, even in the same workplace.

Example: A professionally qualified person was not so successful in the corporate world in spite of his vast knowledge, very good spoken and English writing skills and a flair for the language. But when he changed his job and took up teaching in a business school his entire world changed for the better. Not only did success follow him, he had the opportunity to hone his spoken and writing skills so much that he also made a name for himself as a writer.

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