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How Are You Communicating Strategy Within Your Business?

If you want strategic plans implemented, communicate your strategy to employees

Too often I hear from CEOs and other executives that they can’t get their employees to implement the strategy. When we dive in to the discussion further however, it becomes apparent that the employees don’t even know what the strategy is let alone how to implement it! The problem lies in poor, or no, communication.

Too often strategy planning happens in a bubble. The top executives in the organization, along with members of the Boards of Directors, discuss and set strategy for the organization. This frequently leads to projects being assigned to employees; but often those assigned to implement have no idea that they are being tasked with moving forward the organization’s strategy.

If you want strategy implemented successfully – you need to share with your employees your strategy for the business and how they can help ensure that the strategy is a success. Employees perform better when they know the purpose of what they are doing. It helps when employees understand how all the pieces fit together and how they are part of it. What a great way to engage your employees!

Get started today. Call an “all hands meeting” to talk about the organization’s strategy and how employees can help contribute to the success of that strategy. When you assign strategic projects – explain how the project fits into the organization’s strategy. The best organizations take it a step further and involve employees in planning and setting strategy for the business.

You might even use any of the following for discussing strategic plans with employees:

  • An intranet portal site
  • Company newsletter
  • Small group discussions with executives of the organization

Your thoughts? How might you best share strategic plans with your staff? If you’re an employee, how would you like this information shared with you?