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Ensuring Behavior Change Occurs From Projects: Try This!

Behavior Change

Often clients tell me that one of the major disappointments from their organizational initiatives is that behavior change doesn’t occur. As one client told me, “The employees just go back to the old way of working; even if the new way is so much better!”

Every change requires a change in the behavior of people. […]

Leading Change - Start at the Top!

While it is essential to ensure that everyone in the organization is engaged in change, it is really important to ensure that engagement starts at the top with senior leadership.

The most successful change initiatives have support and commitment from the CEO and the rest of the senior leadership team. This support is essential since […]

Every Project Requires a Change Component

Nearly every project requires a change component to it. It doesn’t matter the size or complexity of the project; although the size and complexity drives how large a change component that is necessary.

If we remember that most all projects require some change – whether it is a process needed to complete a task or […]

Is Your Organization Change-Savvy?

Change savvy organizations recognize that change is a natural part of the organization and that it must be managed. They understand that change management is a competency and ensure that individual contributors up to the leadership team have that competency in order for change to be successful. They also understand that change is difficult – […]

The Four Stages of Team Development - Part 3

An example of a team moving through the four stages – Part 3: A Team Working Well Together

Read Part 1 and Part 2 of the case study.

Stage 3: Norming and Stage 4: Performing

Let’s skip to about 2 months into the initiative. The Stakeholder Support Committee was doing well working together. They had […]