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Take Time to Learn

Take Time to LearnAre you taking the time to further develop and enhance your current skills? To learn new skills? Too often we don’t take time to develop ourselves professionally – we are just too busy with work and personal life; something always gets in the way of our good intentions!

Build time in to your schedule for developing your own skills. Consider taking a workshop, attending a conference or joining a professional organization. Consider also investing time to read books to help develop your skills. There are a variety of great books available that will enable you to expand your knowledge in your area of expertise.

Set a goal each year to further refine a skill, develop a new skill or expand your knowledge. When you plan ahead to do so, you are more likely to “fit it in” with everything else you have going on. I block time in my calendar for conferences and to participate in professional organizations aligned to my areas of interest. I also make time to read a number of business-related books.
Think of it this way – if you don’t take the time to develop your own skills, how will you grow within your organization or grow your own business?

What about you? What are you going to do to develop your own skills and increase your knowledge?