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The Best Team Members

The best team members on your project will be those individuals who:

Don’t think the same way you do – they approach problems and situations differently based on their own experiences and perspectives Have a variety of experiences and skills – their strengths and weaknesses should be different than yours Will share their opinions, ideas […]

Plan for Success as a Project Manager

Starting up in a new company as a project manager? Just starting off as a project manager on your first large initiative? Taking over a failed project? You have some challenges ahead! Too often project managers new to the role, the project or the company forget to pause and consider what’s ahead and plan effectively […]

Some Thoughts on Measuring Project Success

I often talk with clients about what makes a project successful for them. Obviously of importance are:

Finishing on time Staying with the budget Ensuring stakeholder satisfaction Ensuring a quality project

These are always at the top of the list certainly – for any project without doubt. But then we start talking about past projects […]