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Initiating a Global Project

Take these key first steps to increase your success!

Global projects are, by nature, complex initiatives to manage. You are working with a variety of individuals, from a variety of cultural backgrounds with differing expectations around the initiative. Time zones alone are a significant challenge when trying to schedule meetings!

When challenged with leading a […]

A Virtual Global Team in Trouble: A Case Study – Part II: Now What?

Moving the Project Forward

In Part I we started our story on a virtual team in trouble. In this post, we will cover the stakeholder meeting and the decisions made to move the project forward, along with processes put in place to ensure this situation does not occur in the future.

The Stakeholder Meeting

The […]

A Virtual Global Team in Trouble: A Case Study – Part I

A virtual global project team was having significant difficulty in getting a major project completed. The project was a strategic one for the organization and would affect all offices worldwide. There appeared to be quite a bit of dissension among the team members on a regular basis and the project manager seemed unable to handle […]