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No One is Perfect! – Part I

A Mini Case Study: One leader’s story of how accepting he is not perfect led to stronger working relationships

<This story is about one of ACG’s coaching clients, the name of the leader as well as other that may identify the leader or the organization has been changed.>

Jack, a senior vice president of a […]

Your Role as a Coach

Do These 3 Things

Your role as a coach is to accomplish three things:

Regularly meet one-on-one with employees; collaborate with each employee to set professional development goals and developing action plans to achieve those goals. Help them secure challenging projects that enable for developing their skills. Enable your employees to learn for themselves. Help […]

What’s Your Value in Coaching Your Employees: 3 Benefits

Coaching benefits not just the employees – but also the leader who is coaching them!

Here are three benefits that leaders realize when they coach their employees:

Your employees are stronger, more confident and work better as a team. Productivity increases. Collaboration increases. Conflicts are reduced. People will want to join your department, workgroup or […]

Three Key Skills Needed to Coach Employees

There are a number of skills required to be an effective coach. Here are 3 key skills that every successful coach has that enables them to be effective coaching others to be more productive in the workplace and/or to manage performance issues:

The ability to provide feedback that is clear, concise, specific and actionable. Feedback […]

Best Practices to Effectively Coach Employees

Coaching enables managers and leaders to help employees grow in the business, address performance issues and encourage them to continue to perform optimally. Coaching is a critical part of employee professional development. Coaching should be a regular part of conversations with employees.

In order to coach employees effectively, however, managers must be trained in how […]