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Mentor New Supervisors

Helping Them Be Successful From Day One

MentorNew supervisors are often challenged with moving from being a friend to being a manager. That’s a big step! To help them be successful in their first role managing people, provide them a mentor to guide them.

A mentor can help supervisors adapt to their new role by:

  • Providing support as they move from being an individual contributor to managing others
  • Helping them to address past conversations, actions or behavior that may negatively impact how they are viewed as a supervisor
  • Being a sounding board
  • Providing feedback on their performance
  • Helping them in managing conflicts, issues or problems that may arise in their role as a supervisor
  • Helping them craft agendas and provide guidance on leading team meetings or one-on-one meetings

A mentor can be the “go to” person for the new supervisor; the person they can ask questions of in a safe environment. Someone who can role play with the new supervisor.

An ideal mentor is someone who has been in a supervisory role in the past and understands the challenges of starting such a role. Someone who has built relationships within the organization as well as trust with others. Someone who can provide guidance without judging the new supervisor.

As a best practice when we develop and launch mentoring programs at our clients, Abudi Consulting looks for people who are:

  • “Go to” people in the organization
  • Seen as influential in the organization
  • Have developed strong and enduring relationships with others
  • Are committed to the success of others

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