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Awareness of the Need for Change is Essential to Ensure Success in Change

Plan for and implement sufficient communications early on

Simply telling individuals that change has to happen and sharing information around the change initiative about to be launched does not necessarily constitute raising awareness of the need for change.

In order to get employees to adapt and accept a change, they must be aware that the change has to happen. They need to see the benefit of the change not simply from the perspective of the organization but also their personal (individual) benefit (think: what’s in it for me.)

In order to effectively communicate early on and create an awareness of the need for change, considering using a communication sub-team that is focused on developing communications with a goal of:

  • Conveying the vision of the change initiative – its alignment to the long-term goals of the organization
  • Aligning the change initiative to how it benefits the individuals (makes the job easier, reduces stress, better able to respond to customers, etc.)
  • Highlighting the risks involved in not implementing the change (marketplace issues, competition, customer needs)
  • Arranging for small group meetings to address questions and concerns about the change
  • Provide a high level overview of the change initiative – desired date for implementation, training that will be provided, expected impacts of the change

The goal of early communications is to socialize the change initiative to ensure that there is an understanding of why the change has to happen and to get support of the change. Without support from employees, the change cannot be successful.

How do you create awareness around the need for change to occur?

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