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6 Easy Ways to Identify Project Risks

Identifying the risks associated with your project doesn’t have to be an onerous project. Likely, you are seeing similar risks from project to project – especially within the same organization.

Use these six easy ways to help identify risks associated with your project:

Gather together the stakeholders and other customers and team members and use […]

17 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

Small businesses have jumped headfirst into the Social Media Pool. Do they know how to swim or just tread water?

They might be starting to sink if they are making a number of these mistakes.

Participating in too many networks or vehicles. Not fully completing profiles on each network. Selling instead of informing prospects and […]

In this case, unplugged is a BAD thing


You’d think we would be in favor of unplugging. That is, saving energy, preventing waste…you know, being “green”.

And we are in favor of unplugging.

But there’s an exception – a big one.

That exception has to do with a huge source of power for Project Managers, a renewable source of endless project energy […]

Brainstorming Best Practices

Use brainstorming effectively within your business

Brainstorming is a great tool to increase innovation within your business. Frankly, you can brainstorm on your own to generate ideas; but for the purposes of this post we are going to focus on brainstorming with others.

Follow these tips to create a successful group brainstorming environment:

Set aside […]

Simple Steps to Creating Your Project Plan

The project plan is developed in conjunction with the project team and delineates what is being produced by the project, the budget, timeline, and resources to be used to reach that deliverable. Without a project plan – it’s difficult to ensure the project is a success – you need a plan to follow! The Project […]