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Virtual Teams: Providing Training Opportunities

Providing virtual teams training requires a bit of creativity. Although if you can, getting the team together in one location is a great idea, it is not always possible. Many times, especially in today’s economy where companies are working to reduce expenses, virtual teams are going to remain just that – virtual. This doesn’t mean […]

Virtual Teams: Celebrating the Successes

Team leaders leading virtual teams need to find ways to celebrate team successes even if the team never gets together in one location. When the team leader takes the time to celebrate the team successes, enables for more cohesive teams and keeps the team motivated and morale high.

Consider any of these best practices to […]

Engaging Reluctant Participants on a Team

Best practices to get everyone to participate and share their ideas and thoughts

Not everyone on the team is going to be a willing participant in discussions. Some individuals may be shy and therefore reluctant to participant; others may simply not want to participate for any number of reasons. However, it is important that everyone […]

Collaborate with Your Team to Create Work Plans

To ensure the right work gets done at the right time on projects assigned to the team!

Developing work plans in collaboration with your teams has a number of benefits, including:

Improves collaboration between and among team members Ensures a better understanding of what needs to be accomplished and roles and responsibilities for accomplishing the […]

Getting Your Remote Team Together

to start the New Year off right!

What better way to kick off the team in the New Year then to bring the entire group together to reset priorities for the year and evaluate processes and procedures for working as a team.

Before we get into the “what to do” when bringing the team together, […]