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Team Decision Making Best Practices

Assign roles and responsibilities to ensure decisions can be made by the team

Teams need to be able to make decisions to keep an initiative moving forward; all decisions can’t possibly be made, nor should they, by the team leader.

However, in order to enable for effective decision making by team members, assigned roles and [...]

The Impact of Cultural Diversity on Virtual Teams

I have written a number of articles on cultural diversity and virtual teams.  Some of those articles have focused on best practices and others on challenges. In this article, I’d like to present a few common challenges I have observed at client sites and provide a few tips and best practices on addressing those challenges.


Prepare for the Success of Virtual Teams

A Client Story

One of my clients just went global! Very exciting for them, but lots to consider. One of the biggest challenges they are facing right now is how to ensure that virtual teams are successful on their initiatives. This is a challenge because previously they were based within the United States – east [...]

Have You Built Trust with Your Team?

In order to increases your chances of success on your initiative, it is essential to build trust with your team. Trust doesn’t just happen – you have to work at it. Remember – building trust starts with you!

Consider the following ways to build trust with the team:

Establish strong relationships with team members Follow [...]

Getting the Group to Work as a Team

A mini case study

Martha has been assigned a team of 10 people to help her plan a major customer appreciation event. They have been working together for over a month now and they just haven’t really come together as a team. They get tasks completed, but don’t seem concerned with the others on the [...]