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5 Fun Ways to do Team Building

Team building is essential for any team. Team building enables for getting to know colleagues and co-workers which improves collaboration and reduces conflicts in the workplace. Team building bridges the gap between the generations and improves communications.

Here are five (5) fun ways to enable for team building within your group:

  1. Do karaoke together: Whether you are going out to a location that has karaoke night or bringing it into the office, this is a fun way to engage your team and get the members to have some fun and get to know each other outside of working together. Consider prizes for the most creative song chosen, the funniest song, the best singer, the best attempt at singing, etc. The goal is to just get out there and have fun!
  2. Do an outbound activity: These are outdoor activities, such as ropes course, hiking, or any outdoor adventure that enables your team to be together and enjoy the outdoors while building their team skills and getting to know each other. You might choose something as simple as a hike on a trails or going bicycling together just to spend time together to mini golf to complex outdoor adventures that enable for a bit of competition among teams.
  3. Have a potluck lunch: Have each team member bring in their favorite meal – maybe something from their childhood – to share with others on the team. Or, maybe have a theme – Mexican Day, Vegetarian Day, etc.
  4. Do a CSI event: You’ve all watched CSI on television! Why not have a CSI (crime scene investigation) team building event. In these events, employees team up to solve a crime using the clues given and a bit of critical thinking skills. It’s a bit competitive and fun too! Find the natural crime solvers on the team.
  5. Go Kart racing: Kart racing entails racing with small, open-wheel and four-wheel go-karts. It can be a fun competitive team building event; have team members race each other individually or small teams might compete for fastest time.

Find fun and interesting ways for your team to get to know each, set up some friendly competition, and have fun doing it! When team members get to know each other on a personal basis, you will see an increase in collaboration and better communication. Additionally, conflicts are reduced and those that do occur are more easily resolved.

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