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Is Your Organization Change-Savvy?

Change savvy organizations recognize that change is a natural part of the organization and that it must be managed. They understand that change management is a competency and ensure that individual contributors up to the leadership team have that competency in order for change to be successful. They also understand that change is difficult – […]

Are You Ready for Change?

Maybe the better question is, is anyone ever ready for change? We experiencing change in our lives regularly – whether it is work-related change or change in our personal life. Some change we drive ourselves and therefore we are ready. Other change may not be by our choice or may happen sooner than we prefer […]

Leading Change: Are You Really Engaging Employees - Part 3 of 3

Read Part 1 and Part 2 of our case study.

In this last part of the case study, we’ll share what we did to get the stakeholder committee, and therefore this project, back on track and heading in the right direction. You’ll recall in Part 2 we were going to be meeting with the leadership […]

Leading Change: Are You Really Engaging Employees - Part 2 of 3

Read Part 1 of our case study for background information.

The stakeholder committee consisted of 20 individuals, both management and non-management and representing all departments within the organization. Every one of them responded to the survey questions, and, in fact, did so within three days of the survey being sent. I contributed this response to […]

Leading Change: Are You Really Engaging Employees - Part 1 of 3

Or, do you just think you are?

Let me share a client story. A long-term client who usually brings me in to lead training sessions with employees mentioned to me over lunch one day that the organization was in the early stages of a large change initiative and they were having some problems. She wanted […]