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You’re a New Supervisor

Now what?

When promoted to a new supervisor, expectations, and your contributions to the organization are vastly different than when in an individual contributor role. You are now responsible for the work efforts and productivity of others, as well as for the professional development.

As a supervisor, you are:

  • accountable and responsible for your team
  • responsible for engaging and motivating the team
  • measured by the results of your team
  • responsible for planning the work and ensuring sufficient resources to accomplish goals
  • responsible for solving problems and removing barriers that hinder goals being accomplished
  • responsible for regularly providing your team feedback on performance
  • responsible for providing training and coaching team members to ensure they are successful
  • responsible for communicating throughout the organization – up, down and across – in order to accomplish the goals of your group in a collaborative way

Are you ready for the role of new supervisor? Often individuals are promoted to new supervisor roles without being provided the skills, tools and knowledge they need to be successful. Consider what you need to be successful in a new supervisor role and ask for what you need. When we talk with our manager about our strengths and our challenges – where we need support and help – we are more likely to get what we need and, therefore, be successful in our role.

Support may be provided through training, mentoring by your manager as well as “on the job.”

Abudi Consulting Group works with organizations to train new supervisors to enable for their success in the role.  Learn more today!

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