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What Makes for a “Best Team” In the Organization?

There are two distinct thoughts on what makes for a “best team.” For some leaders, the “best team” are comprised of those individuals who challenge assumptions and are continuously looking to improve. They are engaged and committed to the organization’s success. For other leaders, however, the “best team” are those who follow along and simply do what they are told. They know their place in the hierarchy. They are likely not engaged nor committed to the organization’s success. I have worked with both types of leaders at client companies.

The most successful organizations consider the “best teams” as having these characteristics and behaviors:

  • Committed to the work of the team and the team goals
  • Willing to challenge the status quo and challenge assumptions
  • Work together to make regular improvements to how the work gets done within the organization
  • Collaborate to solve problems and make decisions

When leadership enables employees take ownership of their work, the organization is better able to accomplish the goals of the organization, compete effectively in the marketplace and meet the needs of customers. When employees come together as teams and have the ability to take on leadership roles, they are engaged in the organization and committed to the organization reaching its goals. These are the organizations that thrive in a competitive, global marketplace and can attract and retain the best talent.